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You are shipping from China, should we be worried about packages carrying the virus?

Professionals have confirmed that packages do not carry the virus. The virus does not spread through packages.

A product I have seen online is no longer available/listed, how do I know if/when you will restock?

Please drop us an email via my1stmasjid@gmail.com with a picture of what you have seen and we will try our best to give you an update on when the item will be restocked.

You can even DM us on Instagram @my1stmasjid.

I have purchased a DIY kit but there are no instructions. Where can I find them?

In order to reduce our paper trail, our instructions are either sent via email or on YouTube. 

If you need help, please DM us or email my1stmasjid@gmail.com

Where are you based – UK or China?

We are British currently working and living in China. This year (2020) we will be shipping, personally, directly from China. We have lived in Malaysia before and shipped from within the UK also, hence some of you may be confused! Hope this clears things up.

We are a store and would love to stock your products. Do you wholesale?

Yes, absolutely. Please get in touch via email my1stmasjid@gmail.com with your shop name/website and any other useful information for a wholesale catalogue.

I have bought the Cloth & Dome set for the Masjid Playhouse. Will you help me DIY the frame?

Absolutely! As soon as you place your order, we will send you full instructions for you or your carpenter to follow.

If you would like the information beforehand, please get in touch via email my1stmasjid@gmail.com

Will you have any more new items? I am waiting before I order so everything can be shipped together. 

We have had some delays with some of our new items this year, but the best thing to do is order what you see when you can, as there are no guarantees for the remaining new items. 

If you have any further questions that have not been answered on the site, please get in touch via the CONTACT US page or email: my1stmasjid@gmail.com

Thank you J