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I have bought the Cloth & Dome set for the Masjid Playhouse. Will you help me DIY the frame?

Absolutely! As soon as you place your order, we will send you full instructions for you or your carpenter to follow.

If you would like the information beforehand, please get in touch via email my1stmasjid@gmail.com

Why is the frame not included with the cloth & dome set package?

We are blessed enough to have a customer base that spans across many countries, however we don’t have stockists in every country at the moment and so we ship orders ourselves.

As the Wooden Masjid Playhouse frame consists of large pieces of wood, we really cannot ship frames from where we are based to different countries as it just isn’t environmentally or economically effective. They would also most definitely cause custom issues.  

We can help you work closely with local carpenters to have the frame made exactly as it needs to be.

This also allows customers to DIY part of the product and save on cost where possible.  

In the future once we develop stockists, this may change.  

Where are you based – UK or China?

We are British currently working and living in China. This year (2019) we will be shipping, personally, directly from China. We have lived in Malaysia before and shipped from within the UK also, hence some of you may be confused! Hope this clears things up.

Why do you not sell the full cardboard pop-up masjid that you launched first? Will it come back?

We absolutely love our very first pop-up Masjid, however unfortunately we cannot accommodate sales of that style this year, simply because ITS SO BIG, making it difficult to ship. It becomes very difficult to ship such a big product, considering affordability etc too, and so we are working on smart solutions to make it a smaller package.

This is taking us some time to perfect and unfortunately won’t be available this year. We do have an alternate DIY cardboard masjid package this year which is beautiful and affordable.

If you have any further questions that have not been answered on the site, please get in touch via the CONTACT US page or email: my1stmasjid@gmail.com

Thank you J